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One-stop shop for narrow fabric engineering
and design
In our aim for premium quality and tailor-made solutions, we’ve evolved into a one-stop shop for narrow fabric engineering and design. All our services are integrated, meaning we are in control of the full production process — and so are you.
At Divine Narrow Fabrics, we are committed to:
Quality Control
To ensure quality from production to shipping, we use the most advanced instruments and Certified Labs to test our webbing. It all starts with a selective purchasing policy, followed by an overall quality-vigilance throughout the production steps. Quality is no coincidence at DNF.
Being a full-service manufacturer backed by vast experience, we take great pride in meeting your every need when it comes to providing you with premium webbing. Whether your project is basic or complex, our knowledgeable sales and technical staff are eager to work with you to create an ideal solution.
Lead time
With constant improvement in technology and ERP implementation, we are able to improve our lead time significantly. we work closely with our customers to help convert concepts into actual products. Our sampling facility with dedicated machines and staff enables quick turn-around times.
We carry a wide selection of quality webbing in a variety of raw materials, colours, weaves and finishes. We work with you to help develop your creative ideas. We follow the latest trends closely and are therefore able to partner effectively for product development with multiple customer locations, worldwide. We are able to provide you with a variety of webbing made from natural and synthetic material or a specialised webbing such as recycled or made from lurex yarn. All our products comply to the EU and American norms.
We take it as our responsibility to provide safety to our employees and workers. Our entire factory is well equipped with fire protection and has a dedicated fire exit. We practice a fire exit/emergency exit drill on a bi-monthly basis.
We have zero tolerance towards child labour, and it is practiced completely in our factory and offices.
Company History
The entry point in this industry was in 2007, by Mr. Pradip Belawala. He has a vast experience in textiles, and has been part of the esteemed Business house Madura coats, for more than 2 decades. In 2007, he decided to diversify and started, the business of Narrow woven Fabrics (popularly known as Webbings) under the name of Rajda Narrow Fabrics in a partnership. There were only 2 production lines, that time and the main focus was in the garment sector.
In 2012 he was joined by his son- Mrugesh Belawala, and then started the company- Divine Narrow Fabrics. From 2012 to 2017- we worked in a rented unit of 1300 sq.ft where we started developing a massive range of products, and focused on several industries- leather bag and luggage industry being the main focus. In 2017, we took a big leap, and bought our own factory of 12,000 sq. ft in one of the most prestigious logistics parks of Eastern India. Since then we have focused on Production efficiency, Quality and timely delivery. We have a monthly capacity of 1.4 million mts.,a skilled team of workmen, dedicated team of QC, R&D and Procurement!
We are socially audited under 4 pillar of SEDEX, and are not looking back. The dream and aim is to become more socially responsible, have an even better QMS and give a better standard of living to the entire team of Divine Narrow Fabrics.
Divine Narrow Fabrics
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