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Webbing is an extremely versatile and a strong woven textile, designed and manufactured in various forms for use in multiple industries; ranging from leather goods to military, fashion apparel to automotive parts, safety to marine, footwear to furniture. Typically, webbing is fabricated in solid or tubular form, with each type having different applications and functions.
It is best suited for webbing used in workwear or apparel as it is light weight, breathable, washable and its ability to deal with perspiration. Cotton can be dyed to virtually any shade. Colour fastness will vary according to type of dye and shade required. However, cotton burns easily. We can apply finishes that will slow the burn rate down or make the cotton self-extinguish. These finishes are water-soluble and can be washed out.
Nylon webbing is a high end webbing making it one of the most popular types of webbing in the market. Nylon webbing is a high strength, smooth and shiny product. It has good elongation properties as well as good chemical and environmental resistance characteristics. When looking at how to make nylon webbing, experts warn that nylon webbing should not be exposed to water continuously, as the material tends to absorb liquid and may harbor mildew if it is not maintained properly.
Polyester webbing is a great choice for applications that require lightweight, strength and durability. Polyester webbing is semi-water resistant, absorbing very little water to help prevent mold, mildew and rot. The high breaking strength of the webbing makes it a great solution for even your most difficult jobs. Polyester webbing is most commonly used to make tie-down straps and cargo nets.
Polypropylene or commonly termed as PP, is the best when it comes to the pricing. It is the cheapest amongst Cotton, polyester and nylon, but it has its own limitations. The look and shine of a PP webbing is not even close to a nylon product, but it is used profusely in school bags, gifting bags etc. where utility is a factor and not strength or beauty. Polypropylene webbing is generally lighter, is water-resistant, regain extremely low moisture. Dyeing of PP yarn is difficult and hence there are less options.
  HARD/STIFF Finish: This finish is opted when the webbing should be straight, hard and not wavy. The stiffness can be controlled depending upon the requirement and end use. This finish can be applied in any type of a material, but its best seen in a polyester web. This is applied in lot of products supplied to the defence sector.
  Soft and Lustre: The most preferred finish by luggage industry. Best utilised in nylon web. It also gives extra shine.
  Rubberised Feel: This treatment can give the rubberised feel to the webbing, with no colour change at all. It is different from the soft or lustre effect, its less smooth.
  Oil and water repellent: This can be used in various industries, specially marine and navy. We use this finish for the marine belts which are used in the boats and ships. It is also used in the medical textiles.
  Flame Retardant: A very special finish which is opted by a particular niche of clients, specially in the fire fighting equipments, and automotive industries.
  Anti Pilling: By treating our webbings with anti pilling, the extra fibre hair which are seen on the corners of the fabrics, are removed and the edges become very smooth and sharp. This is mainly applied to all our products for the fashion industry.
  High Tenacity/Tensile: The breaking strength of the webbing can be increased by this particular finish. This is highly recommended and used in the safety industry using harnesses and slings.
  Colour Fastness: We have a product which can give higher rubbing fastness (dry and Water). These are used when the webbing is used repeatedly where the corrosion is high, hence the colour fastness needs to be better than the regular products.
  ANTI BACTERIA/MOSQUITO REPALLANT: This is one of the most special products, which has an extremely niche market. It helps in keeping the bacteria and mosquitoes away from the webbing, and is mainly used in hospitals, food joints, queue liner and few more.
This is made when any graphic design is to be woven or a brand name or logo is to be weaved on the webbing. Our in-house design team is available to develop custom patterns from scratch. Custom branding and logo abilities are available to help your company’s product stand out from the competition. We first design the lettering to the customers’ requirements, taking into account the webbing width, colours and repeat spacing. Our specialist Jacquard looms are then programmed to weave the lettering into the body of the webbing. The lettering appears on one side and the reverse is plain. Our Jacquard items can enhance the look of everything from belts to bags & backpack straps or climbing harnesses.
Digital Print
The alternate to jacquard, with more precision and shine. Only that jacquard is woven and more lasting, but print can peel off with time. We are able to print Cotton, nylon and Polyester webbing with promotional, safety or other messages up to photographic quality with outstanding results. The process we use helps us to accurately reproduce artwork and is colour fast. We can do edge to edge prints with print on a single side or both the sides.
A high end webbing with the use of lurex, synthetic and Natural yarns. The beauty when the lurex yarn blends with a synthetic yarn to form a webbing, can only be understood when this is seen or used. Fashion industry’s potent love affair with Lurex webbing is here to stay!!
A beautiful webbing with uneven washed effect, a product which is used by high end brands in Europe for their portfolio bags. We make a webbing is darker shade, and then it is processed and treated with the right chemicals and recipe to achieve this look. This is done on cotton webbings and in any colour. One of our most popular washed colour in the denim shade, which takes blends completely with any jeans fabric and is used immensely as a trouser belt webbing.
Recylced Webbing
This is the latest to our portfolio of products and by far our favourite. This goes hand in hand with our commitment to sustainability. It is made from recycled raw material, very carefully dyed and woven with utmost care. This is used by our clients in fashion, luggage and footwear industries as of now, but we are sure that this product will be the future of many more industries.
Monochrome is boring!! We have a range of multi color fabrics, which are used as guitar straps, handle bag straps and even trouser belts. These are made from synthetic raw material, and given extra treatment to achieve the shine and depth. We have an extensive range of ready colors to play from and give the desired combination. These straps are a treat to the eyes!
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