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This is a sector where webbings are used profusely- whether it is on the trouser belts, or trousers or under the tee-shirt collars or in lingerie and under garments. The end use is huge. We are focused on making the below-
  Rigid multicolor webbings used in the trouser bets
  Twill tapes for collars of shirts and tee-shirts
  Grosgrain tapes for tee-shirts and shirts decoration- used on shoulders and sides
  Trouser waist bands and interlinings
In India the footwear market has grown tremendously in the last decade, and as per a report- it is expected to grow 8 times by 2030. This is exciting news for all the companies associated in the supply chain of this industry. We have been supplying to this industry for the last 7 years- we mainly focus on the below items:
  Multicolor straps used in the flip flops or Kitos
  Shoe elastics
Luggage and Leather Bag Industry
This industry is our favorite!! The range of designs which we have to work with, and the challenges which come with it- we thrive on it! We have an expertise in this segment, with the colors, types of weaves and the minimums! We mainly cater to the overseas market of entire Europe, America and Australia. Maximum buyers are engaged in making high end leather bags for top brands of these countries. We supply as below:
  Webbings used as shoulder straps for a leather bag
  Binding tapes, which are used inside the bag, to bind the edges
  Wide straps, mainly used as a decorative on body of the bag.
Safety and Military
This is the industry which makes us really proud of the fact that our products are being used in saving a life. We are dealing in the below products-
  Safety Harness which is used in construction sites
  The binding strap used inside the safety helmets
  Chin straps used in helmets
  Waist belts for the military of India and USA
  Rifle straps
  Straps used in the military bags for the soldiers
Specialty and Miscellaneous Industries
  Nylon Webbings used in Hose pipes
  Jute straps for jute bags
  Medical Tape- used as a crepe bandage
  Slings for lifting heavy products like cars
  Water Bottle strap
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